Omega-3 and Your Eyes

Omega-3s are crucial for maintaining good health. Studies show that Omega-3s offer great benefits to your eyes. Intake of omega-3s helps protect adult eyes from macular degeneration, even glaucoma, and dry eye syndrome. Omega-3s are readily available in fish, maternal breast milk, and some infant formulas.

In a recent study, healthy infants who were put on omega-3 supplements showed better visual activity than their counterparts. Pregnant women should include omega-3 in their diet to ensure their infants’ vision is developed.

You can add two servings of fatty fish to your weekly diet as advised by the American Heart Association. Some cardiovascular diseases are reduced by the intake of fatty fish. You can also choose wild-caught fish over farmed fish because they are often lower in pollutants and chemicals.

Fish contain omega-3 fatty acids. To maximize their benefits, choose fish that are high in DHA and EPA. You must avoid fried and processed foods, sunflower oil, and corn oil. They impede omega-3 absorption by reducing its intake.

While supplements are good, consuming naturally occurring vitamins and minerals is a better option. You should consult your doctor before taking supplements. Some supplements may cause bleeding. While at it try to replace unhealthy fats with olive oil, reduce red meat, and eat fruits and vegetables.

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