Safety Glasses for Your Eye Protection

Wearing safety glasses protects your eyes from injuries that can cause vision loss. Safety glasses offer a higher standard of impact resistance than regular eyeglasses. Protective eyewear has features such as thinner prescription safety lenses as well as two classifications of performance. Testing of frames for safety glasses and goggles is done with the same criteria. This includes frame tests for basic and high-impact applications.

Protective eyewear is essential in many occupations. Those working in high-risk jobs can benefit. Carpenters, machinists, and plumbers are among those working in these areas. Standards for safety eyewear are assessed using tests that measure high mass and high-velocity impact.

The safety eyewear is permanently marked with a trademark from the manufacturer. Prescription safety frames are permanently marked with “Z87-2” on the front of the frame and both temples.

Independent contractors and homeowners should buy safety eyewear rated for high impact for all activities so that they can be extra safe. For sports, choose comfortable and padded protective eyewear with an elastic band.

Hunting and sport shooting require safety lenses with a high impact rating. Fishing lenses, on the other hand, come with a polarized tint to cut glare from the surface of the water. Players of paintball should wear head shields with a high impact safety rating.

There are countless suppliers of quality safety eyewear. A simple online search will return thousands of results. Consider reading some of the reviews given by the suppliers to see which one suits your needs best.

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